Thursday, August 7, 2014


4th OF JULY… The most important public holiday in United States. I've spent 4th of July in California, Los Angeles. This celebration was really important to me, because I love US! I've always loved America because of everything what you can called "made in the USA"; Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Forrest Gump, Bruce Springsteen,  ect! What can I say about Independence Day? It's very important day for all Americans. They're gathering in the downtown to celebrate together this special day, when America became free.  You can fell the spirit of liberty in the air, it's incerdible! I just adore Americans, they're proud to be citizens of the wonderful country, built on solidarity and equality. Perhaps I'm writing it again, but I'm completely free in US.  I feel accepted by everybody, people are friendly and willing to help you!

Totally love this hat!


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  1. szkoda, że po polsku nie piszesz :(
    ale zdjęcia fajne :)