Wednesday, July 30, 2014


JURATA… This place is located in the northern part of the Polish, on the Hel Peninsula. Jurata is really special for me because my family has been going there for 15 years. The sea maybe is not as hot as Caribbean is, but what you gonna do, you have to stand it and have fun!
Jurata is a small and peaceful city, where you can relax, spending time with your family and friends. That's the reason why everybody very willingly comes here. 
Today I've decided to wear black, because black is always elegant. "It is the most complete colour in the whole world, made of all the colours in the palette." - Riccardo Tisci. When you don't know what you gonna wear, wear black! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014


SECRET GARDEN…  She'll let you in her house, If you come knockin' late at night, She'll let you in her mouth, If the words you say are right, If you pay the price, She'll let you deep inside, But there's a secret garden she hides, She'll let you in her car, To go drivin' round, She'll let you into the parts of herself, That'll bring you down, She'll let you in her heart, If you got a hammer and a vise, But into her secret garden, don't think twice, You've gone a million miles, How far'd you get, To that place where you can't remember, And you can't forget, She'll lead you down a path, There'll be tenderness in the air, She'll let you come just far enough, So you know she's really there, She'll look at you and smile, And her eyes will say, She's got a secret garden, Where everything you want, Where everything you need, Will always stay, A million miles away. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


THE WONDER YEARS… Do you remember The Wonder Years, series from your childhood, which had appeared on TV in the late 80's and in no time gained such a huge audience?
When I was a child I have always loved The Wonder Years, because this series was not only funny but also very instructive, that' s the reason why I still watch it!
When I saw a white t-shirt with red sleeves in American Apparel store, I immediately thought about late 80's in US and of course about The Wonder Years because, Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper were wearing exactly the same! 
Yesterday I've decided to wear this top with shorts and Blazer Vintage Nike sneakers. 
What do you think about it? 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


NEW YORK, NEW YORK… For me one of the best cities in US, cause New York is a mixture of all American cities, where you can feel completely free!
What can I say about New York? - The city where dreams are made of! I think,  there is no limits in Big Apple, when you really want to do something, just do it! Other people will definitely help you to reach it, cause this is what people calles American solidarity. 
Food- Honestly for me food in US especially in NY is very artificial. I'm Polish, so I am used to eating a lot of tomatoes ect. It was hard to me to find something natural, but if you find it, it is definitely the best quality of food ever! By the way, I've eaten the pizza ever not in Itally but in New York, in Pappardella restaurant on 316 Columbus Avenue. I really recommend you to go there, you won't regret! 
Shopping- In the centre, quite expensive! When I am in NY I prefere buying things for example in New Yersey, cause it is such a big difference between NY and NJ prices! Honestly if you really want to do shopping in US go west, to Los Angeles or San Francisco. For example in Marshall outlet you can find converse sneakers for 10$! 
NY is such a magical place, which makes you feel happy!

Sunday, July 13, 2014


DAY IN PARADISE… Today I've decided to post more pictures of St. Lucia, probably the heaven on the earth! Hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, July 10, 2014


DREAM PLACE… I've spent such a great time with my family in Saint Lucia, an island in the Caribbean sea. It was my second time there and I have to admit, that honestly this is the best place ever!
I've spent most of my time swimming in the sea, drinking coconut milk.
What can I say about St. Lucia?- The weather is always good, but sometimes little rains might happen. For me their make St. Lucia more exotic!
Food- My mum has decided to cook herself for all of the family, so everyday we were going shopping and I have to admit that St. Lucia's food is all natural! For example when you eat banana it is real banana not fake one! I'm really jealous about this delicious treasures!
Shopping- The prices are not so expensive, you can find really good things with nice prices, especially for tourists cause in St. Lucia is tax free zone.

So I really want to show you how special St. Lucia is…